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Although the concept of powdered resin condensate polishing is hardly new, it remains a reliable tried-and-tested method to this day – fifty years after it first appeared in a power generation plant.

It is irrefutable that hight quality powdered resin systems applied at very high temperature (133° C) started off in Italy before going on to reach the current results in terms of unique product quality, and that Italian engineers are those who started tracing the guidelines which are still followed and referred to in many conventional and nuclear power generation plants across the globe.

Those who have dedicated their lives to the development of this technology are the first to appreciate the interconnected principles of powdered ion-exchange resins and precoat filter systems in which the resins express all their potential.

Powdered ion exchange resins processess

Two precoat filter techniques....
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Powdered resins are obtained.....
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Innovative methods for use of powdered ion ....
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Functions which a powdered .....
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flexibility of a precoat filter....
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